06 Jun 2022

6 Reasons Why Blinds Should Be Your Next Purchase After Installing a Window

by admin

If you’ve just had new windows installed in your home or office, you might be thinking about leaving them uncovered for the time being – new windows are, after all, quite expensive, as are curtains and shades. You might be thinking that there’s no harm in doing so and that you’ll get around to it when you’ve saved up some cash. We are here, however, to tell you that blinds should be your first investment after installing new windows – and for good reason.

In the list below, we’ve outlined just 6 of the reasons why:


1. Improve Privacy

A lack of blinds means that your neighbours and passersby will be able to see straight into your home or office. This is particularly a problem at night, when your lights illuminate your private life for any old person passing by to witness. Shades will also help to keep your personal property private, meaning that would-be thieves will be less tempted to break into your home and help themselves to your belongings.

2. Control Light and Shade

Blinds in Canberra also provide you with the ability to control the levels of light and shade in your home or workplace. This is useful in spaces that receive full sun, as this can cause glare on television and computer screens, as well as in spaces that you want to keep dark during the day (such as bedrooms and nurseries). Certain styles, like Venetian shades, can be used to allow light to pass through whilst reducing glare.

3. Save Energy

The addition of blinds to your windows can actually help you to save energy and be more eco-friendly. Being able to control how much light is permitted to enter a space can help you to keep it warm during winter and cool during summer. This means there will be less need for heating and cooling, which reduces your carbon footprint and drain on natural resources. Be content in the knowledge that you’re doing something for the environment.

4. Save Money

The added benefit of using less energy around your home is that your heating and cooling bills will be lower. Lower bills means more money in your bank account for other essential upgrades around the home or office – or even just as play money. Plus, blinds also help to protect your furniture and soft furnishings from sun and UV exposure, which aids in the prevention of fading and means that you’ll need to replace them less often.

5. Improve Re-Sale Value

One reason that you may have decided to install new windows is because you’re planning on selling up and moving. Leaving them bare would be a big mistake – plus, the addition of quality blinds can help to improve your re-sale value. Nobody wants to feel like their private business is on display and most people prefer to move into a home or workplace that is ready to be lived in as is (they don’t want to spend time or money on adding elements).

6. Improve Visual Appeal

Beyond the practical benefits of installing blinds, they will also work to improve the visual appeal of your home or office. Whilst you might enjoy your bare windows for a day or two, they will soon become boring and have more of an industrial appearance. The addition of shades can help to give the space character and personality, helping to tie the whole room together in a particular style or theme.


Whether you’re fitting your home or workplace, Blinds Melbourne will offer a number of advantages over other types of window covering. Not only are they fairly low maintenance beyond the occasional dust or wipe down, they come in a wide variety of styles and colours (ensuring that you’re able to find the perfect match for your space). Don’t put off the purchase of shades any longer – if you’ve recently had new windows installed, it’s time to cover them up.