17 Dec 2019

A Guide To Choosing The Perfect Home Office Furniture

by ewfmicro

Regardless of what advertising would have you believe, the most suitable home office furniture is that which you’re comfortable and productive in. The right sort of furniture can make a real difference to the way you undertake work and your attitude towards it. It is for these reasons that we have compiled this guide, as choosing the perfect items should be at the top of your list.


Determine how much room you have

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make when choosing furniture is over or underestimating how much space you have. Remember that an empty room will look huge until you put a desk and a chair in it. Also don’t forget that the placement of windows, doors and heating vents will restrict where you can place items.

Determine how long you will use the space

This point is really only important in terms of comfort. If you’ll only be in the home office for half an hour each day to check emails, comfort won’t be that important (but appearance might be). If you’ll be spending a good few hours sitting behind the desk, however, you will certainly need to look for pieces that are comfortable.

Determine your budget

As with any purchase, you can spend a small amount or you can spend a large amount. Even though how much you spend is up to you, it is important to remember the old adage ‘you get what you pay for’. If you aren’t willing to spend a little money, it is unlikely that you will receive the very best quality on the market.

Determine if you will be sharing the space

Are you the only employee of your business or will you have someone coming in to help you out, either full or part time? If you will have other employees, think about how much space they will need. You should also consider whether your office will be doubling as another room, such as a home gym or a guest bedroom.

Determine if the furniture ‘fits’ you

Comfortable home office furniture should ‘fit’ your body – if you are a tall person, ensure that your chair and desk height will be appropriate. The same goes for if you are a small person. Often, the best solution is to invest in adjustable pieces; they will allow you to adjust the height when required to suit the persons using them.

Determine your style

Often, the best way to achieve this is to take a look at the existing décor of your home – after all, you don’t want the office area to stick out like a sore thumb (especially if it’s sharing it’s space). Has your home been done in an antique look or is it more modern? Make sure that you choose furniture that will match this style.

When choosing home office furniture, make sure that you follow the above tips and hints. They will not only ensure that you make the right choices for your space and your business, they will ensure that the furniture is the right fit for you personally and doesn’t break the bank. If you ever need assistance with your purchases, don’t be afraid to ask a professional!