24 Sep 2020

Why Negative Edge Pools Are Considered Premium Pools

by admin

Whilst it’s no secret that a swimming pool is an attractive addition to any property – in terms of its aesthetics as well as its function – if you’re looking for a truly premium design that will make your backyard the envy of all on the block, a negative edge pool is the premium choice.

Premium Negative Edge Pools

Also known as a zero edge or infinity pool, the unique design of the shell makes it appear as if it simply vanishes on one side or as if the water extends out across the horizon. This makes for quite the dramatic illusion and one that you will never tire of gazing at. But what exactly makes this design a premium option?


1. Aesthetic Appeal

There can be no denying that infinity pools look a million bucks. They work well with almost any kind of landscaping and instantly become a feature of any backyard space, elevating it to holiday resort style.

2. Custom Options

Take your design to the next level through customisation - a shallow end suitable for wading (ideal for young children or those who lack confidence around water), a spa or even a water feature are all viable options.

3. Feature

Every backyard needs an accent piece – something that immediately draws the eye and forms the basis for the rest of the property’s design. Infinity pools tick this box with ease, allowing you to easily stand out from the crowd.

4. Simple Maintenance

Pools of all shapes and sizes require maintenance every now and then. The great thing about the zero edge design is that the water is being continuously filtered and circulated, making upkeep even easier.

5. Spacious

The clever disappearing edge, that makes the water appear as if it goes on endlessly, provides the added bonus of making the pool (and, by extension the backyard) appear more spacious.

6. Versatility

Although their main appeal lies in their appearance, these pools are also designed with serious swimming in mind. Whether you’re young or old, a swimmer or a
lounger, you’ll feel right at home.

Negative edge pools cannot be beaten when it comes to premium additions for properties all over the country. From their immense aesthetic appeal and versatility to their ability to be customised and ease of maintenance, this is an investment you will not regret.

Construction is not as simple as some pool builders would have you believe. For peace of mind, ensure that you have partnered with a premium builder that has experience with the infinity or zero edge design.