Office Fitouts & Partitions

When you are open to the idea of having the work area built directly into your home, home office fitouts and partitions will be on the radar. This refers to the process of having a professional come into your home, assess your needs and the available space, and develop a solution.

Facilitating Flow with Partitions and Fitouts

Creating Privacy

If you share your home office with a number of other family members, then using partitions can be a great way to acheive added privacy without moving to a different room.

Functional and Attractive

With a home office fitout, you can create a space that meets your unique needs - this involves more than simply buying a desk, it ensures the entire room is designed for your business.

What You Should Know

  • Partitions can be incredibly useful in providing your work area with some privacy, which is great if the space is in the lounge or guest room.
  • A professional fitout can ensure that everything you require to work productively is squeezed into whatever space you have available.
  • Choose finishes and materials that complement the existing décor of your home to ensure that the office area doesn’t stand out.
  • In spaces that are used for multiple uses, we recommend a workspace that can be hidden away in cupboards to keep your lives separate.


Can I buy home office partitions online?

Yes! Infact, buying home office partitions online is a great way to score a bargain - online retailers are often more affordable than their instore counterparts.

Should I work with a professional team?

This depends on your personal skill level and the extent of the office fitout. If you plan on an extensive fitout, it is always best to work with a professional installation team, as this will ensure the space meets your demands and is functional and attractive.

Should I match my office to the decor of home?

When it comes to painting and designing your fitout, it's important to consider how it will flow within the broader context of your home, and you should create a space that complements your existing architecture. However, you should also be mindful to ensure the area remains professional - especially if you will be meeting with clients there.

By using home office partitions or undertaking a complete office fitout, you can create a space that works well within the overall appearance of your home but also works to facilitate a productive work space.