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Do you want your office space bathed in natural light? Do you want to be able to see out into the world around you? Windows are a must for every room, no matter how big or small. Though they are a key part of any building, windows are often overlooked when decorating the space. However, with premium blinds or curtains, your business will be easily transformed from drab and unfinished to a polished workplace that both your employees and customers will love to spend time in. With a wide range of options on the market, there is sure to be a style that complements your company vision!

A Must for Any Office

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Reduced Glare

Unfiltered sunlight is ideal for the majority of your home, creating lovely, light filled spaces. However, in the home office, glare can drastically reduce productivity.

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Added Privacy

If your home is on a busy street or you can see into your neighbours property, the window coverings are the ideal way to increase your privacy with ease.

Range of Designs

From sleek and sharp to period or rustic, there are blinds and curtains to complement any space. If you’re a contemporary company that wants to present a polished look, consider roller blinds in a neutral, block colour. If your business has an eco-focus and you’re looking for a way to bring the outdoors in, timber venetians are the ideal choice. Regardless of the look you want to recreate, there are a wide range of colours, materials and designs to help achieve a finish that ties your décor together. No matter what industry your business is in, there is sure to be window coverings that suit your aesthetic and needs.

Light Filtering Fabrics

Whilst the look of natural light can’t be beaten, it does often create a glare on computer screens and laptops that make it hard to work. If this sounds like something your business has experienced, then light filtering blinds or curtains could be the ideal way to enjoy a workspace bathed in sunlight without compromising on productivity. As an added bonus, they also offer added privacy for your workspace – perfect for businesses located in busy areas.

Energy Saving Properties

Not only will your windows look more attractive with the addition of quality window coverings, but the right fabric can also save you money! Uninsulated windows can cause up to 50% heat gain during summer and can account for up to 40% heat loss during winter. If you want to cut down your energy bill (which can quickly add up for larger businesses), then investing in premium blinds or curtains is a must!



Q Can I buy window coverings online?

AYes! All you need to know if the width and height of your windows, and then you can easily make a purchase online - and you will likely enjoy marked savings too!

Q Should I use blinds, curtains or shutters?

AThis is dependent on your personal taste. We suggest using window coverings in a similar style or colour scheme to those already in use throughout your home, allowing you to create a cohesive finish.

Q Can my office window coverings be used for anything else?

AIf you want to get really creative with your space, you can also use window coverings as room dividers, pulling open and closed the curtains to seperate your home office from other living areas in your house.

As you can see, home office window coverings are more than simply another piece of decor or a way to keep street lights out during the evenings. They are a versatile, functional and important aspect of any office design, and the choices you make can greatly impact the appearance and efficiency of your new space.

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