29 Aug 2022

Enhance the Exterior Beauty of Your Home with Awnings

by admin

We all love to spend time in the great outdoors – the fresh air and sounds of nature can all be very relaxing and provide you with a sense of calm. There are many things, however, that can take away from your enjoyment of the outdoors. These include sitting in the glaring sun, inclement weather and an unattractive space. The good news is that custom awnings can really enhance your home’s exterior beauty, restoring its sense of peace and solitude once more.

But what makes awnings in Melbourne so beneficial?

  • Architectural Feature
    Your home was designed to look a particular way that was aesthetically pleasing to either the draftsman or the person who commissioned its construction. Colour, texture, structure, shape and light are all used to make the exterior of your home unique. Custom awnings can add fantastic curb appeal to the home, giving it a point of interest against the other houses on your street. There are many different colours, fabrics and even styles to choose from.
  • Energy Savings
    With the cost of living constantly on the rise, lowering our energy costs wherever possible can offer some welcome relief. Awnings will block your windows from the sun, helping to lower the temperature inside your home and even in your outdoor entertaining areas. You won’t need as much air conditioning to keep the space cool. If you’ve opted for retractable awnings, you’ll be able to open them in winter so that the sun helps heat your home.
  • Extend the Living Space
    Awnings in Melbourne are usually added over porches, decks or patios, which means that they’re quite successful in extending your usable living space outdoors. No matter the weather, you will be able to leave doors and windows open to combine your indoor and outdoor living spaces together – allowing you to host a larger number of people at events and get-togethers. In nice weather, you’ll be able to enjoy your outdoor living space on its own.
  • Low Maintenance
    Most awning fabrics are low maintenance and easy to care for, which makes your life easier – you won’t need to spend your weekends cleaning and upkeeping them. Many fabrics used today are also mildew resistant and water repellent, which further lessens the maintenance and care required. The most these outdoor blinds will require is a brush down to remove loose dirt and leaves with the occasional hose down to remove stubborn dirt.
  • Protection Against UV Rays
    It’s not news that ultraviolet (UV) rays can be harmful. Not only do they cause painful sunburns, but prolonged exposure can lead to various skin cancers. One of the great things about awnings is that they provide an excellent barrier between your loved ones and the scorching hot sun. These days, fabrics are rigorously tested to ensure they provide adequate coverage. Rest assured that your family will be safe, even on the sunniest days of the year.
  • Protection for Furniture
    Uncovered patios and decks can also allow UV rays to beam directly into your home, which eventually causes your furniture, textiles and even your floors to fade. Once these things begin to fade, they’ll get thinner. This increases the likelihood that they’llbreak and they’ll also start to look shabby. Custom awnings Melbourne will protect your interior from the sun – but they’ll also protect anything you’ve placed outdoors, such as patio furniture.
  • Shelter and Weather Protection
    A custom awning will provide you with excellent weather protection year round. From the sun’s rays to rain, hail, sleet and even snow, you will be sheltered whilst enjoying your outdoor space. On top of offering your family and friends protection against the elements, they will also prevent water from pooling at your home’s entry points and will help to keep aspects of your home (including sealant and siding) in top condition for longer.

With awnings in Melbourne providing the home with so many benefits, can you really afford not to invest in some for your property? With so many different styles available (such as straight drop, pivot arm, zip/channel and retractable outdoor blinds), finding your ideal match will be easy. By working with a premium company like Amaru, you can rest assured that you’ll receive a high quality product that will stand the test of time whilst making your home look a million dollars.