Home Office Chairs

The humble home office chair is actually integral to your workspace – after all, you will spend hours sitting down, working as hard as you can to establish your business or meet deadlines. Because of this, it is important that you don’t make the decision lightly and consider all your options.

Ergonomic Seating


When choosing home office chairs, it's important to consider the design over all other aspects - are they ergonomic? Will they fit within your space? These are the most important considerations to take.


Another key element to keep in mind before you buy chairs online is the level of comfort you should expect. You should choose chairs that are made from quality materials with moulded, comfortable seats.

What You Should Know

  • You should always purchase ergonomic office chairs, as they provide adequate lumbar support and encourage your natural posture.
  • Choose chairs with wheels if you will be sliding around to answer the telephone or reach the printer – it’ll make your life easier.
  • You should always purchase seating that is height adjustable, as you never know when someone else may need to sit down.
  • Choose seating for your home that can perform double duty if you have clients or potential employees drop by.
  • You should always research and potentially buy chairs online, as this will provide information on the going rates, not to mention discounts.


How many seats will I need?

This is dependant on the amount of people working from your home office - and the number of clients you intend to see in person. Always invest in extra seating, as you never know when more will be needed; bringing in chairs from your loungeroom will appear unprofessional!

What if I use a sit/stand desk?

In these instances, seating will still be necessary! You don't spend an entire day standing at your desk, as this can also be detrimental to your health. Investing in a comfortable chair for the seated periods of your day will provide your body with a comfortable reprieve.

Should I match my chair to my decor?

This is definitely a factor to consider, as this can help create a cohesive space which not only looks professional, but helps you focus yourself entirely on the tasks at hand. However, it shouldn't be the only reason you buy chairs online - as we said above, design and comfort are far more important. 

As you can see, home office chairs can have a huge impact on your productivity and the overall appearance of the space that you are creating. Professionalism and ergonomics are key when it comes to designing your own home office space, and the chairs you choose can play a large roll in the end result.