31 Oct 2022

Top 7 Reasons Custom Coffee Cups Are A Perfect Promotional Product

by admin

Have you ever considered that custom mugs are a valuable promotional product for building both your brand and your business in general? On top of being excellent marketing tools, they’re also a unique way to attract new customers and increase recognition.

Still not convinced? In the list below, we have outlined 7 of the creative ways that you could be using custom coffee cups:

  1. Create Brand Ambassadors
    Every time a customer or employee uses a branded cup, they’re actually working as an ambassador for that brand. Whether they’re at work, at home, visiting a client or even browsing the shops, anytime that mug is raised to their lips they’re exposing your brand to the world. This also forms a non-verbal endorsement for your brand, as who is going to keep a promotional gift from a business they don’t like?
  2. Generate New Leads
    Using personalised coffee mugs at varying points in the sales process can actually increase your response rates – particularly if you’re trying to convert visitors into leads. Why not give away a cup to those who are considering using your services? You’ll find that you actually increase your chances of generating new leads, as these customers will want to show their appreciation.
  3. Improve Customer Loyalty
    Whilst getting new customers is important, maintaining your existing customer base is crucial for every business. One way to keep them coming back is to find little ways of letting them know they’re important to you – like giving them a free branded mug. Even a small gift can have a big impact. Try offering them to loyal, long-term customers and see what sort of response you receive.
  4. Improve Event ROI
    Trade shows and other events are a big investment, but they offer the potential for high ROI if done correctly – so be sure you have come prepared. Custom coffee cups can be placed around your booth or event space as an eye-catching freebie that you invite attendees to take with them. If you don’t want them to double as décor, you can also include mugs in show bags to take home.
  5. Introduce Something New
    Are you looking for a fresh, new way to introduce an upcoming product or service? Promotional coffee cups in Melbourne are a very effective and efficient marketing tool that we think you should consider. Customers are more likely to notice if their mug has been customised with your branding rather than a button or a key chain, which have fallen out of popularity in recent years.
  6. Market Your Business
    There’s no getting around the fact that using sales calls to attract new customers is a long and expensive process. Why not ensure that every call will leave a lasting impression? Bring along a custom mug or two that you can leave with the prospect so that they’ll remember you every time they have their morning coffee or 3pm pick-me-up. Even if you don’t leave it, use the cup yourself!
  7. Recognise Valued Employees
    Your businesses’ long-term success depends on a loyal workforce as much as it does customers. Your employees will appreciate recognition of all the extra work they put in. Instead of giving them some useless merch that will be tossed into the trash or in the back of the junk drawer, why not give them a beautiful custom coffee cup that they will use over and over again?

There can be no denying the usefulness that promotional coffee cups in Melbourne offer when it comes to branded products that are going to get your business noticed. We have only scraped the surface in the ways that they can help you to get ahead.

Be sure to get in touch with the team at Promotional Cups Melbourne – we have decades of experience in the provision of a wide number of promo items and would be more than happy to help you make the best choice for your business.