29 Aug 2022

Upgrade Your Backyard With Our Creative Patio And Pergola Ideas

by admin

Spending more time at home over the last few years has given us plenty of time to rethink our outdoor living spaces and the ways we use them. Simply constructing a patios or pergola, however, is not enough – the space will add function to your home as somewhere for family and friends to gather, to entertain or even just to relax – so it’s important that you’ve made the right decisions from the very beginning. Think about lighting, privacy and other aspects that are important to you.

Here are some patio and pergola design ideas that we hope provide some inspiration:

  • Zone a multifunctional space
    If you are fortunate enough to have a larger outdoor living area, you can optimise its functionality by using a pergola to divide it into multiple activity zones – spaces that are dedicated to various activities, from dining and relaxation to play and even work. These structures are ideal for instantly framing and defining a space – why not leave part of your patio open with some loungers for sunning and covered for protected dining?
  • Prevent a ‘heat sink’ from developing
    Keep in mind that most patios are made from concrete, which absorbs and then releases heat into the surrounding environment. This can make it quite hot to walk on in the summer, as well as pose damage to nearby plant roots and the exterior of your home. The installation of a cleverly thought-out pergola design, however, can help to prevent this ‘heat sink’ effect from happening, as it provides some much-needed protection from the sun.
  • Keep cosy when the sun goes down
    In some areas, scorching hot days are followed by cooler nights where you’ll want a jacket or even a blanket to chase the chill away. Installing heaters in your pergola will ensure that the space remains comfortable even as the temperature drops. Infra-red radiant heater panels are fast becoming a popular choice, as they’re specifically designed for these sorts of outdoor spaces and won’t pose any risk of damage to the structure.
  • Let the good times bubble
    If you’ve ever thought about installing a hot tub somewhere in your backyard, a pergola can provide the perfect backdrop. This will also provide the tub with some protection, allowing you to enjoy it even when the weather is less-than-ideal, as well as provide some much-needed privacy. The addition of hanging baskets, trellis and romantic vines can make the patio feel like a real oasis – like something from a 5-star hotel.
  • There’s nothing like an open fire
    Whether your kids enjoy roasting marshmallows or you find the crackle of an open flame comforting, a fire pit makes a great focal point for any patio or pergola design. Invest in an attractive pit made from wrought iron to ensure that the space looks good even when the fire isn’t lit. As these structures generally feature open rafters and are airy by nature, it’s completely safe to have a fire lit underneath them for a time.
  • Lights, cameras, action
    The lighting you choose for your pergola can go a long way to setting the mood. Having multiple types installed can allow you to change the look and feel of the space at will – go from romantic with some ethereal fairy lights to party central with a strobe light. If you want a more rustic look or don’t want to run power to the structure, lanterns, candles or even solar lighting can be a fantastic alternative.

If you’re looking to upgrade your backyard and create an outdoor living space that is the envy of all your family and friends, we hope that the ideas we’ve shared above have been helpful. There are a number of ways that you can spruce up your patios or pergola design, but you need to first determine exactly how you want to use the space to ensure that your efforts are being spent in the right direction. The team at Modern Solutions is ready and waiting to bring your structure to life.