22 Aug 2022

What Are The Benefits Of A Hydronic Heating System?

by admin

When building a new home or renovating an existing one, your choice of heating should be a primary concern. After all, keeping your family warm over the winter is key to keeping them happy and healthy. If you’re wondering what is hydronic heating, you might be wondering about the benefits you’ll be able to enjoy. There are quite a few, so it’s no wonder that these systems have grown so popular here in Australia.

1. Allergy Free

Traditional ducted heating is a breeding ground for dust mites, allergens and other bacteria. As a hydronic heating system doesn’t utilise forced air or ductwork, there’snowhere for these things to develop and no way for them to spread around the home. This makes it a fantastic option for those with asthma or allergy sufferers in the family.

2. Comfortable

As these systems work with radiant heat, they won’t dry out the air, create drafts or hot spots. Instead, they warm the objects in the room rather than the air itself for a far more comfortable environment. Enjoy a constant, even temperature throughout the whole house at all times of the day or night – you won’t know what’s hit you.

3. Eco Friendly

As these systems can be powered by natural gas, LPG or even a wood fired boiler, they’re far more environmentally friendly than their ducted counterparts, A study back in 2003 revealed that firewood is virtually greenhouse gas neutral, plus it’s a useful way to lower your carbon pollution from gas and coal use.

4. Efficient

You can save on gas and electricity costs, as these systems are designed to be incredibly efficient. In fact, they can cost around 20% less on average to operate than traditional gas ducted heating. The pipes used to circulate hot water around the home are also extremely well insulated to help reduce heat loss and the unit is zonable for even more savings.

5. Flexible

Did you know that hydronic heating systems are modular? This means that they can be expanded as your needs change (and providing that your boiler has the capacity). If you decide to renovate or even do an extension in the future, all you’ll need to do is plumb the new area and install additional floor coils, radiators or trenches.

6. Reliabl

Whilst it’s important to always remember that you get what you pay for, high quality systems have been designed to provide a comfortable and long-lasting form of heating that you can really rely on. They’re extremely efficient and reliable, built to last and only require general maintenance and servicing to keep them in tiptop condition.

7. Safe

Ducted heating can pose a fire safety risk, as well as a carbon monoxide risk of it’s being powered by gas. Hydronic systems, on the other hand, are completely safe. The water is temperature controlled and fully enclosed, meaning there’s no risk of burns or scalds from touching exposed radiators or grills. Enjoy total peace of mind.

8. Silent

You won’t have to put up with noisy electric fans that cycle on and off anymore. No matter which type of hydronic heating system you’ve chosen – underfloor, panel radiators or even trench – you'll be able to enjoy peace and quiet the whole time it’s turned on. No more turning up the television or worrying about waking the children.

9. Stylish

These units will either be hidden beneath the floor or will blend seamlessly in with your décor, resulting in a home design that looks a million dollars. Panel radiators, in particular, area great choice – there is a wide variety of sizes and designs to choose from. Heated towel rails are also possible for luxurious bathing.


As you can see, the benefits of hydronic heating systems are many and varied. Whether you’re concerned about the health and wellbeing of your family or how much it’s going to cost you to operate in the longrun, there is definitely much to be gained. The team at Cambro has more than 50 years experience with these systems, so if you have any questions at all or want to get a quote for your home, be sure to get in touch.